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Mobile operators demand tax relaxation     Guterres lauds Pakistan's role at UN     Pakistan Nursing Council withdraws veil ban     Delta apologizes for 'booting' passenger off flight     India launching 'South Asian satellite', Pakistan says no thanks     US lawmakers, Sikhs hail FIBA decision to lift ban on headgear     Trump's religious freedom order may give opponents an unintended boost     Trump's visit to enhance cooperation in fighting extremism: Saudi Arabia     Student arrested for crawling into duct to steal an exam in Kentucky     Afghan forces' cross-border shelling leaves 1 dead, 18 injured: ISPR     
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 Einstein's gravitational waves detected in scientific milestone [Yahoo News]  11 Feb, 2016
 NASA delays space station cargo run due to mold on packing bags [Yahoo News]  10 Feb, 2016
 Ripple effect: scientists await word on gravitational waves [Yahoo News]  10 Feb, 2016
 World's top scientists pledge to share all findings to fight Zika [Yahoo News]  10 Feb, 2016
 Researchers find new Zika clues to birth defect in fetus study [Yahoo News]  10 Feb, 2016
 Maths link to future locust dispersal [Yahoo News]  10 Feb, 2016
 Indian scientists express doubt over meteorite death attribution [Yahoo News]  10 Feb, 2016
 Genome offers clues on thwarting reviled, disease-carrying ticks [Yahoo News]  09 Feb, 2016
 Snug as a bug: the hated cockroach inspires a helpful robot [Yahoo News]  08 Feb, 2016
 Inadequate testing thwarts efforts to measure Zika's impact [Yahoo News]  04 Feb, 2016
 Ancient wildebeest cousin boasted bizarre dinosaur-like trait [Yahoo News]  04 Feb, 2016
 Smart band-aid on the horizon [Yahoo News]  03 Feb, 2016
 U.S. private space companies plan surge in launches this year [Yahoo News]  03 Feb, 2016
 Russian cosmonauts breeze through spacewalk outside space station [Yahoo News]  03 Feb, 2016
 Spacewalking Russian cosmonauts begin work outside space station [Yahoo News]  03 Feb, 2016
 Small country, big Universe - Luxembourg aims for space business [Yahoo News]  03 Feb, 2016
 Sleep tight: genome secrets could help beat the bedbug's bite [Yahoo News]  02 Feb, 2016
 Prehistoric man enjoyed roasted tortoise appetizers, Israeli archaeologist says [Yahoo News]  02 Feb, 2016
 Britain gives scientist go-ahead to genetically modify human embryos [Yahoo News]  01 Feb, 2016
 Swan song: humans implicated in huge Australian bird's demise [Yahoo News]  29 Jan, 2016
 Europe launches first part of space-based 'data highway' [Yahoo News]  29 Jan, 2016
 Knowing all the angles: Ancient Babylonians used tricky geometry [Yahoo News]  28 Jan, 2016
 Challenger accident shapes new wave of passenger spaceships [Yahoo News]  28 Jan, 2016
 Go figure! Game victory seen as artificial intelligence milestone [Yahoo News]  27 Jan, 2016
 Doomsday Clock stays unchanged at three minutes to midnight [Yahoo News]  26 Jan, 2016
 Artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky dead at 88 [Yahoo News]  26 Jan, 2016
 Spider Shows Off His Big Paddle to Woo Mates [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Migrating Storks Can't Resist a Garbage Dump Feast [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 US Military Wants Smaller and More Stable Atomic Clocks [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Metal 'Snow' May Power Earth's Magnetic Field [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Booze Buzz: Insect Guts Serve as Love Nests for Brewer's Yeast [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Ligers and Tigons, Oh My! Cat Lineage Littered with Interbreeding [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Walrus's Runny Nose Had Surprising Source (It Wasn't the Common Cold) [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Walrus's Runny Nose Had Surprising Source (It Wasn't the Common Cold) [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Record hot years almost certainly caused by man-made warming [Yahoo News]  25 Jan, 2016
 Bad Omen: How Full Moon Could Worsen Winter Storm Jonas [Yahoo News]  23 Jan, 2016
 Jeff Bezos' space company successfully re-flies, lands rocket [Yahoo News]  22 Jan, 2016
 Hiding in Plain Sight: 24 New Beetle Species Discovered in Australia [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 NASA Sees Massive Winter Storm Moving East [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 State of play of Virtual Reality [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 New Seafloor Map Reveals Secrets of Ancient Continents' Shoving Match [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 Racing Pigeons Fly Home Faster in Polluted Air, Scientists Find [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 Even Centenarians Are Living Longer [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 Eating Healthy Fats May Reduce Deaths from Heart Disease [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 Low-Fiber Diet May Change Gut Microbes for Generations [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 From sawdust to petrol [Yahoo News]  21 Jan, 2016
 'Dragon thief' dinosaur thrived after primordial calamity [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Prehistoric massacre in Kenya called oldest evidence of warfare [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 10,000-Year-Old Battered Bones May Be Oldest Evidence of Human Warfare [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 U.S. agencies say 2015 was hottest on record, shatters records [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
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