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Mobile operators demand tax relaxation     Guterres lauds Pakistan's role at UN     Pakistan Nursing Council withdraws veil ban     Delta apologizes for 'booting' passenger off flight     India launching 'South Asian satellite', Pakistan says no thanks     US lawmakers, Sikhs hail FIBA decision to lift ban on headgear     Trump's religious freedom order may give opponents an unintended boost     Trump's visit to enhance cooperation in fighting extremism: Saudi Arabia     Student arrested for crawling into duct to steal an exam in Kentucky     Afghan forces' cross-border shelling leaves 1 dead, 18 injured: ISPR     
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 Baking-Soda Ingredient May Lower Risk of Premature Death [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Don't Blame Pot for Teens' IQ Drop, Study Says [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Researchers find possible ninth planet beyond Neptune [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Scientists: Good evidence for 9th planet in solar system [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 In global warming bets, record 2015 heat buoys mainstream science [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Russian space agency scales back plans as crisis shrinks budget [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Last year was hottest on record globally - U.S. science agencies [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Sorry, Spider-Man! You're Too Big to Scale That Wall [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Hundreds of Tiny Bugs Are Probably Hiding in Your Home [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Raging Fires in Australia Visible from Space [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 India launches satellite, moves closer to its own GPS [Yahoo News]  20 Jan, 2016
 Transgenic mosquito ready to join Brazil's war on Zika virus [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Stephen Hawking Warns of Planetary Doom (Again) [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Biodegradable bodies for more eco-friendly robots [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Hawking: Threats to human survival likely from new science [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Self-Filling Water Bottle Converts Humid Air into Drinkable H2O [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 NASA to Capture Best-Ever Portrait of Coral Reef Health [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Worm in the Eye! Creepy Crawly Removed in Odd Case [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Red, Dead Galaxies Are Also LIERs, Scientists Say [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Warmer Indian Ocean could be 'ecological desert', scientists warn [Yahoo News]  19 Jan, 2016
 Oldest Animal Jonathan the Tortoise Is Going Strong at 183 [Yahoo News]  18 Jan, 2016
 Fowl Play: Diverse Parasites Infest Backyard Chickens [Yahoo News]  18 Jan, 2016
 SpaceX narrowly missed Falcon 9 rocket landing, video shows [Yahoo News]  18 Jan, 2016
 Fossils of Largest Marine Croc Found … on Tatooine! [Yahoo News]  18 Jan, 2016
 How the cat got its spots [Yahoo News]  18 Jan, 2016
 Belgian drone mixes plane and quadcopter technology [Yahoo News]  18 Jan, 2016
 SpaceX launches climate satellite but botches ocean landing [Yahoo News]  17 Jan, 2016
 SpaceX rocket blasts off from California with science satellite: NASA [Yahoo News]  17 Jan, 2016
 SpaceX rocket to launch climate satellite, re-try ocean landing [Yahoo News]  17 Jan, 2016
 Tapping the Human Microbiome (Kavli Hangout) [Yahoo News]  16 Jan, 2016
 Butchered Mammoth Suggests Humans Lived in Siberia 45,000 Years Ago [Yahoo News]  16 Jan, 2016
 A Look at Alex: NASA Satellite Spies Oddball January Hurricane [Yahoo News]  16 Jan, 2016
 West Africa Is Not 'Ebola Free' After All, New Case Shows [Yahoo News]  16 Jan, 2016
 Cruz’s Birthplace Debated: Here’s Where Most US Presidents Were Born [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Spacewalk suspended after leak in U.S. astronaut's helmet [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Largest Giraffe Relative Found [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Real Heavy Metal: Fans Want Motörhead Singer on Periodic Table [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 SpaceX success launches space startups to new heights [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Spacewalk suspended after possible leak in U.S. astronaut's helmet [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Spacewalk called off after possible leak in U.S. astronaut's helmet [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Ex-army major becomes first British astronaut to spacewalk [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Magnetic Device Lets Smartphones Test Your Blood [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Ex-army major becomes first British astronaut to take a space walk [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Why Are Venomous Sea Snakes Washing Up on California Beaches? [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 122-Foot Titanosaur: Staggeringly Big Dino Barely Fits into Museum [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 China to land probe on dark side of moon in 2018: Xinhua [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Virus Linked to Birth Defects Requires Action, Doctors Say [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Future Diabetes Treatment? Human Skin Cells Coaxed to Make Insulin [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 Hidden Plague? New Theory on How Disease Spread So Perilously [Yahoo News]  15 Jan, 2016
 NASA adds commercial mini-shuttle to station supply fleet [Yahoo News]  14 Jan, 2016
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