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Daily Jang News is one of the most dispersed and renowned Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. Daily Jang is a newspaper group which is owned by the Independen ...Read more
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   07 Jun, 2015
   07 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   08 Jun, 2015
   07 Jun, 2015
   06 Jun, 2015
   06 Jun, 2015
   06 Jun, 2015
   05 Jun, 2015
   05 Jun, 2015
   05 Jun, 2015
   04 Jun, 2015
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 Reviews & Comments:
Today I read this news in daily Jang Newspaper in morning, Imran Khan wants to dialog with Govt of Pakistan, but this time govt of Pakistan do not show positive response about dialog. Jang News do not show proper PTI news in Daily Jung.
Saghir, Lahore Dec 05, 2014

We want a good and clean from politics university in Hyderabad. There is not any large university. Altaf & Mallik have taken a very bold decision. Now we are just waiting that when will it construction be complete. But i read the news above on Daily Jang news column that Altaf bhai is saying some people are trying to not build the university. I have an request to those people please let it be complete and do not prevent its making.
Syed Muzaffar Shah, Hyderabad Dec 03, 2014

Geo and jang daily group is giving very expensive campaign against Imran Khan on their channel and news papers. Many channels like express news also included in this campaign shame on those channels who just worships of money. Why are these two or three channel against PTI? This is not Daily Jang group, it is lota group !
Farhan Mujeeb, Karachi Dec 01, 2014

Abdul raziq ko tema ma shamil keya gay
M Bilal, chakwal Nov 30, 2014

Is harhtalo say to Mulk ka Economy fail Allah pak sb ko hidayat day ameeeeeeeen
SKB khan Mehterzai, Quetta Kan Mehterzai Nov 29, 2014

Imran is ok as an opposition leader and not suitable for prime minister or president of Pakistan. I can favour him as a pressure group only. He should get rid from sheikh Rashid as his eyes are pointed to '' hair '' only. If Imran Khan desire to become a prime minister then he should prove it by re-visiting and re-view his policy and body language and give his economic, political, social and foreign affair policy.
Zhid Madni, Lahore Nov 29, 2014

thank you jang grop ap wo sachbtate he go hm janna cahte he
ayaz hussain, setharja Nov 27, 2014

Rigging evidence will be display on Thursday on Jang News Daily by Imran Khan. Imran Khan please do some treatment of Pervez Rasheed. Why does he bark too much? It seems that his tongue is in the hands of Nawaz Sharif whenever Nawaz wants to say against Imran Khan then he uses the tongue of Pervez Rasheed. I really hate both persons.
Arif Jan, Karachi Nov 27, 2014

Yar please youtube khulwayain khuda ka liya
Ali khan, Thatta Nov 25, 2014

After garnering fame in B-Town with his film Kill Dil, Ali Zafar shared the celebrations of his hit film with underprivileged children of Punjab of his hometown. Atif Aslam is also a rich celebrity he should also think about it but some people have soft portions in their hearts.
Abdul Samad, Mianwali Nov 23, 2014

Slam! agar pakistan or afghanistan ky drmian wala border india border ki tarah mazboot kar dia jay to pakistan puramman country ban jay ga. or han pakistan mien mehngai ho, lodsheding ho, byrozgari ho koi bat nhi lekin Pakistan ak pur amman mulk hona chahiay deshat gardi ka namonishan nhi hona chaihey chahy iqtdar imran sambhaly ya nawaz shrif ya jo bhi..........lekin pakistan mien dehshat gardi killing na honi chaihay ok bye.....
Qaisar Khan, Mianwali Nov 22, 2014

Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif received the US Legion of Merit medal award in America. From one end America is awarding to General Raheel Sharif on other end they attacked drone in north Waziristan. Why the Pak General is awarded medal for peace? There is some thing at the bottom Jang Daily news group should explain the whole sonehrio.
Hashir Faraz, Jang News Karachi Nov 21, 2014

(((جناب وزیراعلی خیبر پختو نخواہ ))) گزارش ھے کہ ایجوکیشن ڈیپارٹمنٹ میں میرا APPOINTMENT میرے والد کے کوٹہ کی وجہ سے ھوا ھے ، میری تعلیم BA ھے ، میں ۱۰ مہینے سے سکول میں چوکیدار کے پوسٹ پر ڈیوٹی کررھا ھوں لیکن میری تنخواہ بند ھے ، کیونکہ ORDER میں عمر کی حد 18 تا 30 سال تھی ، میں نے کی مرتبہ وزیراعلی صاحب کے آفس میں درخواست بمراد AGE RELAXATION جمع کی ، آخر کار وزیر اعلی صاحب کی طرف سے نوٹیفیکیشن جاری ھوا ،جس سے عمر کی حد 45 سال ھوگی ،میں نے صوابی اکاونٹ آفس میں سروس بک جمع کیا تھا لیکن 10 مہینے بعد بھی میری تنخواہ کا مسلہ حل نہ ھو سکا ، اکاونٹ آفس صوابی والے کہتے ہیں کہ وزیر اعلی سے اپنے لیے AGE RELAXATION لے آو ۔ جو میری استطاعت سے باہر ھے آپ صاحبان سے گزارش ھے کہ اس مسلے کا فی الفور نوٹس لیا جاے اور سایل کو انصاف دلایا جاے ، انعام اللہ سکنہ ادینہ GPS NO.1 BAZARGI SWAB
inamullah, swabi Nov 19, 2014

Pakistan lost the toss of second test match against New Zealand. Pakistan does not looks good in this test match actually there are feeling relax. New Zealand will set a big target for Pakistan. It will draw or win New Zealand. Daily Jang news please update us on time even if any wicket lose by New Zealand.
Amir Asad , Peshawar Nov 17, 2014

Sports bulletin of Geo News Host Altamish Jiwa should come back and take his seat from Mansoor Ali. Altamish Jiwa is a best sports anchor. Where is he for a long time? Pakistan is again winning if Altamish Jiwa with us so i hope he will definitely celebrate.
Salim Javed, Jeqabad Nov 12, 2014

Ap k news k link achay hai magr habar short ha
Umair, Nov 12, 2014

Geo and Daily Jang group please do not play vital role for the friendship between Pakistan and China. China is not our friend. Selling garbage to Pakistan. China always thinks for their interest. China Wants Gawadar from Pakistan for their business route.
Wasim Rehman, Gujranwala Nov 09, 2014

Geo and Daily Jang News please take step against ICC. ICC has been launched his 2015 cricket world cup promo. But in which they did not shoot their promo with Pakistani team and many international teams like West Indies, England, Srilanka and many other teams. ICC should make again new promo videos of 2015 World cup with all international cricket teams.
Arsalan Imam, Karachi Nov 05, 2014

I am seeing that the Karachi's circumstances are going to spoil on ninth and tenth Muharram-ul-Haram. The police is being death by the terrorist in Karachi so how can they save us. Jang Daily News is very good website. It is complete package of news.
Rao Jahanzaib Akram , Karachi Nov 01, 2014

Jang News Daily many many congratulations ! Your news anchor and journalist Sohail Waraich has won the award in Multan. Sohail Waraich is a good person and journalist. I like his talking style in Ak Din Geo k Sath.
Bilal Aslam, Multan Oct 29, 2014

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Daily Jang News is one of the most dispersed and renowned Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. Daily Jang is a newspaper group which is owned by the Independent Media Corporation. It is classified as Pakistan’s largest media group publishing top Urdu and English newspapers and magazines that includes The News, Daily Jang, Awam, Akhbar e Jehan and Mag the weekly. Founded by Mir Khalil Ur Rehman, the current management is led by Mir Shakil Ur Rehman.

Some of the renowned publications of Daily Jang are Daily News, an evening English newspaper, published in Karachi. The Daily Awam, Urdu newspaper from Karachi. MAG the Weekly, popular English Magazine published from Karachi. Then we have Daily Waqt, the Urdu newspaper which is published from Lahore. All of these publications are related to national and international issues, sports, business, weather, health and media. It is a highly informative group of papers and liked by everyone.
Jang Group of Newspapers provides an online service as well. The dedicated viewers of Daily Jang can read newspaper online at "". Browse the website and you can find the latest news related to diverse field, Jang online magazine and "Instep" the online magazine of "The News". There are online news services for Mag the Weekly, Daily Jang ePaper edition, Daily Jang text version, the News International Website available for the viewers. Jang group is also available on Twitter and Face Book.

The Daily Jang’s flagship paper is Pakistan's National Urdu daily. It is published from famous cities like Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Quetta, Multan, Sheikhupura, Bahawalpur, Gujrat, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Sukkur, Faisalabad, Dera Ghazi Khan and Birmingham. The Daily Jang has wide spread circulation of over 800,000 copies per day.

The Jang News Group launched TV channel network as its significant electronic media subsidiary. Lets highlight some significance of this channel. Geo Television Network. The electronic media wing of Jang Group is Geo Television Network. One of the most watched and renowned entertainment based channel owned by Mir Khalil Ur Rehman. It became official in October 2002. The slogan of Geo Television Network is “Geo Aur Jeenay Do” became viral and is used by masses. The philosophy of the channel is to outshine in the field of electronic media and gain the status of top class entertainment channel of Pakistan. The concept was fresh and highly regarded by the general public when it initially started off and now it is viral in Pakistan. The channel gained popularity among public due to its highly professional working environment, anchors, hosts, talk shows, and debates. People prefer to watch Geo News for any Breaking News instead of BBC or CNN. People have faith on Geo News as it has always delivered them authentic information. Geo News is a trend setter and one of the most trusted news channel TV not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

Geo News:
Geo News is a Pakistani premier news channel owned and managed by the Daily Jang Group. It became officially functional since October 2002 and is able to gain the position of Pakistan’s leading news and current affair channel. Despite of controversies, Geo News still manages to retain millions of Urdu language viewers locally and around the world. Now you can watch your favorite Geo News shows and breaking news online on Urdu Wire. Never miss your fresh episode of Capital Talk with Hamid Mir, Mere Mutabiq, Aapas ki Baat, BBN, Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain, and Khabarnaak.
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