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Hamid Mir
Hamid MirHamid Mir is a well-known Pakistani journalist and editor. He was born on 23rd of July, 1966 in Sialkot, Pakistan. He is respected for his Urdu columns and host in a current affair talk show program “Capital Talk” broadcasts on GEO Television Network.

As a journalist, Hamid Mir’s name is among the top reporters and communists of Pakistan. He started his career in journalism in the year 1987 by joining “The Daily Jang” in Lahore. In 1996, he turned into the editor of the Daily Pakistan in Islamabad. At that time he was the youngest editor of at all national Urdu newspaper in Pakistani journalism till now. He joined GEO TV in 2002 and has been hosting a famous talk show “Capital Talk.” He is renowned for his counter-attack questions and arguments. Hamid Mir is also an Executive Editor of Geo News Islamabad. He is married with 1 son and 1 daughter.

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Name: Hamid Mir
Occupation: Journalist/Host Capital Talk
Specialization/Belonging: Geo TV News
Total Views: 13704
Total Comments: 44
Rate This:  7 Likes  2 Dislikes
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ISIS is a ‘tool’ of US: Hamid Karzai
The Nation - 20 Apr, 2017
Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said ISIS was a “tool” of the United States and that he does not differentiate between ISIS and America.Karzai told Voice of America&rsqu
US misused Afghanistan as testing ground for dangerous weapons: Hamid Karzai
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M.HAFEEZ KHAN (Karachi) Nov 12, 2016
Dear Hamid Mir Sb Assalam-O-Alaikum I would like to say that sending some letters for include for CAPITAL TALK programme so conform email ID then will be able to send by email
map maker (karachi) Oct 09, 2016
بخدمت جناب حضرات خبر رساں ادارۂ جیو نیوز السلام علیکم ورحمۃاللہ وبرکاتہ بعد از سلام عرض ھیکہ میں ملیر کراچی کا رہائشی ہوں میں آپ سے آپ کے پیشے یعنی صحافت کہ بسبب ایک درخواست کرنا چاہتا ہوں کہ میں ایک طالب علم ہوں اور یونیورسٹی روڈ کا روزانہ کا راہ گیر ہوں اور بڑی مشکل سے دوچار ہوں کہ یہ شاہ راہ ایک ایسی سڑک ہے کہ جس میں سڑک نام کی کوئی چیز نہیں ہے، چاہیں تو اس میں گاڑی چلائیں اور چاہیں تو چوپائے چرائیں۔ میں آپکو یہ صرف چار عدد تصاویر فراہم کررہا ہوں اور یہ صرف ایک حصہ کی ہیں، اور میں آپ سے گزارش کرتا ہوں کہ آپ بھی اس جگہ کا دورہ کریں، اور میں آپ کو پھر آپ کا پیشہ یاد دلاتے ہوئے آپ سے درخواست کرتا ہوں کہ خدارا ھمارے اس مسئلہ کو وقعت دیتے ہوئے اپنا کردار اداء کریں اور حضرات اقتدار کی توجہ اس امر کی طرف مبذول کرائیں۔ آپ کی ہم پر نوازش ہو گی۔
Shahbaz (Abu Dhabi) Oct 04, 2016
Hamid Mir sb AOA. hopefully you doing great and my prayers are with you. i want to tell you a incident happen in Sialkot in Church. Mir sb Sialkot main city ma church ma christians ne apni apas ki ladai ma ak party ne church ka andar thod phod ki or Padri sb ko mara gali glaoch ki or Bible Muqadas ko phanka gaya jis ki FIR Jamate Islami ne karvai but Sir ap ka channel ki taraf sa koi news nahe aii. So Please check your local grounded staff in Sialkot. Or Mir sb abi taak banda pakda be nahe gae. Again the same issue political involvement. Thanks and Will be more thankful if you do some re-action on that. Kind Regards Shahbaz
Hameed (Mardan) Sep 27, 2016
Mr Hamid Mir is my favourite journalist. I always watched his famous TV show capital talk. My RSir I want to draw your attention about today''s tragedy with KP people. Mr Aftab sherpao used KP helicopter for his personal meeting held in Distt Kohistan.He is alie of KP govt that''s why he enjoyed this facility. Kindly ask about from KP high ups. Why this act made with poor people of KP. Thanks
arslan bhai (gujranwala) Apr 20, 2016
Dear Mr.Hamid AOA.sir ap ka show bohat intersting hai.ap greeb logo k lye awaz uthaty han.muje ap ka show kapitaltak show bohat pasand ha ..... igar ap ne meri mail par li tu bohat please ap muje ...mail main ek chota sa reply dy..please please...
Qaisar omar (JakartaIndonesia) Apr 12, 2016
Give weight to Daniyal Aziz arguments he is right do what he suggest and solved this issue for ever.
saqib ali (kohat) Mar 28, 2016
My name is saqib ali. i am jobsless. i am clear FSC give me in a job in any field of capital talk.
Muhammad Azhar (dubai) Mar 03, 2016
Dr. Shahid Ahmad (Rawalpindi) Feb 10, 2016
Dear Mr Hamid Meer I have been watching the issue of running automobile using water. Like to share one thing with you that there is no doubt that HHO is a fuel and it can be used to run a prime mover engine. The question is basically how it can be made as a safer device otherwise it can work as a bomb There are measures which can be adopted. I being an engineer was shocked that the scientists who have been talking on this subject either love this innovation or hate this innovation. No one talked on the possibles and feasibles. Last night I watched a Dawn Programme with two anchors and they also invited you to explain why you had made programmes on this subject. Both these anchors were talking against the people and their attitude was like jokers. One said that I put water in the tank of care but car did not move. Being a scientist I know that make it a safe device is a difficult task but our attitude should be positive so that innovative ideas are supported with possibles and limitation. The kits are now being used in many countries including India where they use 25% petrol and 75% HHO. Why not the renewable energy research Council conduct a study by testing the kits being sold in India and many other countries. Magnetic devices are also being sold in the market which provides 15-20% better efficiency in cars. In tractors similar devices even provided better results. Mercedez Benz have also tested this device. If you need further details you can send me an email.
Mohammad Yasin (Islamabad) Oct 07, 2015
Dear Mr.Hamid AOA. You are doing well. I am your fan. I regret to point out that neither present past democratic governments nor yours talk shows succeed to point out or resolved any issue. Your shows are completely unproductive. I wish I can get a chance to see you to express more deeply the common problem which majority of poor Pakistanis are facing. Hope you will reply how we can serve our country better. Best regards. Yasin
Zahid Hussain Shah Adv (Pindi Bhattian) Sep 04, 2015
Respected Hamid Mir I would like to convey you an idea that kindly arrange to prepare a list of NGOs esp Pak based with their runner and bank accounts along with their credibility e.g. Edhi Shokat Khanam Ghazali Trust etc. so that a common Pakistan could know what NGOs working good what are their bank account numbers and who the legends are running them. This may help the Pakistani''s to deposit their Zakat Fitra donations etc. in their bank accounts with this consolation satisfaction that their donations would not go into the wrong hands especially to the terrorists. A directory or web page may be developed or a link may be added with the help of patriot media persons like you. Regards! Zahid Hussain Shah Advocate
farrukh (sialkot) Jul 24, 2015
plz tell me janab hamid mir''s email adress
aisha (lahore) Jun 09, 2015
asalamoalikumm sir main asiha hin sir meri ap se guzarish hai k ALLAH k waasty aap burma k muslamano k liy awaz uthaaiy . humara koi channel koi politician koi journalist burma k liy kuch bolny ko kuch likhny ko tiyar nai kia hum muslan nahi hain plz sir ak behn ak beti ak ham mazhab ki faryad sun lijiy mazloomeen ki awaz ban jaaiy Allah pak ic ka ajar de ga ap ko
saftain ahmed (abbottabad) May 06, 2015
I like you ar program and I like sir
Mudassar Mughal (Multan ) Dec 15, 2014
A.O.A hamid sb apka show boht acha hai lakin iss wqt mai ap se sana mirza k bary mai bat krna chahta hn jo k ak boht hi achi bal k acha or aaf dil rakhny wali anchor jis k sath pti k krkun ne batmeezi ki h dekh kr boht burra lga sana mirza ko raoty hoy dekh kr meri ankho mai b anso a gy thy kher sir ab to ap ko pta chal hi gea hoga k pur amman log pmln k hai na k pti k hm sb geo news k sath h har pal har lamhy plzzz meri trf se sister sana ko kehna k wo dil na hary hm un k sath h
dilshad arain (sanghar) Nov 09, 2014
Sanghar is the most corrupt journalist Ashfaq slyhry conscience page in two to three thousand and thousands of sanghr bylkml officer in Pakistan and Sindh earns Rs traitor to this land this land is our mother traitor journalist You should not have
() Oct 15, 2014
Meer sb farzana bibi ko ya b khain k wo apny baal mardo k samny nagay nhi karny chhey.kuin k tum ort ho or muslman ho.
mona (Lahore) Aug 29, 2014
hi mujhe toh aapka har show hi achha lagta hai aur aap to bohat ziadah lakin pata nahi log kyun aap se itna jale hain aap jaisa koi Journalist/ Host ho hi nahi sakta I like you so much.
kinza khurshid (abbottabad) Aug 19, 2014
last night in your special capital talk's Haji Adeel a senator from ANP party discussed that in view of model town incident Mr. Shahbaz Sharif should have resign morally . may i ask him throw your esteem channel that after the incident of hazara province Tahreek did his Chief mINISTER TENDERD his resignition morally where 14 innocent were killed by the police and 120 put injured .
danish khan (hyd) Jul 28, 2014
assalamo alikum sir meri apsy guzarsh h k america m pakistani ki privacy ko open kia jarha h or unki net s social security r date of birth chura kr bank account se paise nikaly jarhy hn r agr koi pakistani skype yahoo fb pe bat krta h to ye sb unsave hn baraye mhrbani ap anchors is masly pr america consular se bat kren k ye pakistani k sth kia horha h wahn mjhe umeed h ap is msly pr zroor qadam uthaengy shukriya
Sohail aNJUM (LAHORE) Apr 27, 2014
Assalaam--o--Alyikum hameed sab ALLAH ap ko jaldi saheat da AMEEN
Insaaf Group (Battagram) Mar 29, 2014
Distt Battagram May C&W Department k aik achay SDO ki Transfer ker di hay iss may wahan k PK 59 K MPA Aur Wahan k contractors Ka Haath hay .MPA ka bhai b Contracter hay Jo har saal Winter k season may road clean karnay k bahaney Lakhon Rupay leta hai hamain PTI ki Govt Se Appeal karte hain k iss curruption ko rokh lain sirf daway na karain
Fayaz ahmed (Khanewal) Dec 31, 2013
asslam o alakum sir mara naam Fayaz ahmed hi main khanewal ky chak no 18.AH ka rahnay wala hoon sir main ny 2012 main NIC ke liya appley kia tha Nadra office Khanewal sy sir main daily chakar lagata raha hoon her roz mujhay kal anay ka kaha jata sir Jun 2013 main Nadra office walon ny mujhay kaha ke apki pheli Tracking ID close ho gi hi ab ap dobara apply karo sir main ny dobra apply kar diya aor phir 1 month chor kar daily chakar lagnay laga sir 3 month bad office walon na kaha ke apki pheli ID close nai hoi is liya apka NIC abhi na bana ap wait karo pheli ID close ho jay to phir ap ka NIC banay ga sir is tharn wait kartay kartay Nov 2013 aa gya is dorana main khabi multan chakkar lagta to khabi khanewal nadra office sir khanewal ke nadra officer Sadiqat sb ny kaha ke main ap ke ID close karnay ka letter lekh raha hoon Nov main complain no 54077 khanewal nadar sy mari id close karnay ke liya fwd hoi mughar abhi tak bhi mara NIC nai bana sir kal sy 2014 start ho raha hi sir mari zandagi bilkul kharab ho gi hi kyun ke form B ya NIC ke na hony ke waja sy Main 9th ka addmission fwd nai kar saka aor mari Edu stop ho gi hi sir mara traking ID hy 104081060301 plz sir ap ek achy insan hian mari help karin ap key programme main to bhuat saray problem per discuse hoti hi sir plz ek din Nadra ke performance ko bhi discuse kar lian sir main ek graib baap ka beta hoon edu stop hony ke waja sy ab main daily mazdori karta hoon sir plz ek bar Nadra walon sy mari life barbad karnay ka hisab zorar mangian plz sir ya kaam ap kar saktay hain Tracking ID 104081060301 Name Fayaz Ahmed S/O Raiz Ahmed sir main apnay dost ka email address lekhon ga plz mujhay conf zaror milne chahay ya mara mob no 03027830303 per
bandi ekhuda (karachi) Oct 04, 2013
you are good journalist but please always tell truth as u have lot of power in your hands
khan () May 05, 2013
ASalam o alaikum Geo Tv or Capital talk per ap ka programme ek acha tajzia chalta hai.........Geo par aj kal pakistan main election k hawale se ek add chal raha hai pakistan ko vote do Its very impressive is add main TV industry k kuch actors vote pe apni opinion daite hain un main especialy nauman ijaz and jan rambo i think,for example i vote for accontibility,corruption,??????????nationalism???? mostly aam bande k samaj main na ane wale alfaz jo english se nawaqif hai anyhow geo always presents creative........Thanks
Tahir sharif (islamabad) May 05, 2013
Hello sir am Tahir.sharif form secheme 3 rwp marey mamo ka face b same ap ki tahra ka ha ma un ko hamid mir k nam sa pukarta rehta hun ?
Qadeer Yousufi (Turbat Balochistan

on line abortion pill

Mar 08, 2013
Mir Sahib muje aap ki mail id chahyee ager aap mind na kerain to muje mail id bhaijdain ma aap se apni baat share kerna chahta hon,,BALOCHISTAN CABLE TV Association QADEER YOUSUFI
niaz ahmed khan (rawalpindi) Feb 27, 2013
Mir Sahib muje aap ki mail id chahyee ager aap mind na kerain to muje mail id bhaijdain ma aap se apni baat share kerna chahta hon
M AMMAR YASIR (bahawalpur) Feb 22, 2013
Zahid Hussain (Multan) Feb 17, 2013
Aslam O Alikum Mera Naam zahid Hussain Hai Main Multan City Mein Rehta Hoon. sab se pehly main ye batana chahta hoon k main koi profishanal bhekari nahi hoon,bilke halaat ka mara hoon. main iss waqt bohat bari parishani mein mubtlah hoon. meri jaan ko khatrah hai please meri help karein maine aik saal pehly majboori mein 2 laakh rupy karz liye they karobari aur mali hallat kharab se kharab hoty chaly giy aur main karz ki rakam ada na kar saka. karz daar ne tang karna shuro kar diya aur dost ahbaab ne mil k meri thori bohat maali imdad b ki liken karz ada na ho saka mart kiya karta pehly karz ko ada karne k liye sood per karz lena par jis mein har mah izafa ho jata hai jo k 5 laakh tak chala giya hai. main aik greeb middle class insaan hoon karz ada nahi kar pa rah karz daar jahan milty hain maar peet shuro kar dity hain. bazz okaat dil karta hai k khud koshi kar loon liken ghar walon ko dekh kar aisa karna bhi mumkin nahi ho pata. app se aur app ki tawasat se mukhair hazraat aur govt pakistan se apple hai k meri help karein. main ye nahi kehta k mujhy paise dein bilke khud karz ki adaige kar dein aur mujh se mahana kist lety jain. main zendagi bhar aap ka mashkoor rahoon ga aur meri zendagi app ki makrooz rahe gi.
hayat khan (abbottabad) Feb 02, 2013
salam hamim mir sab mujay ap ka sath ack program karna ha jo hazara k mutaboq ha q k hazara k leader sub jout boltay ha jo student ka or awam k leay hoga thank you
Dr. M. Saeeduddin Khan (Karachi) Jan 18, 2013
This is Dr. M. Saeeduddin Khan from Karachi. Certain points in the Islamabad Declaration like implementation of articles 62 and 63, time for scrutiny, etc pertains to Election Commission and can be dealt with by the commission only. How can the govt. say they will implement these. Election commission is an independent body and has its own bylaws.
javed iqbal (UAE) Jan 18, 2013
ASLAMOALAIKM,,Hamid saab ALLAH ap ko aur b kaamyaabian de , sir i m UAE and as u know that oversease pakistanies k liye ek problm bani hoiha calls tax, PTA ne order de b dia k tax remove kr dia gya aur LHC ne b kaha k khtm kr do tax but wer facing same tax ,, abi tk hm log full charges pay kr rahe hn kya hmari is baat ko highlite kren gy? kun k hmari govt ko ye pta b na ho k hm pakistanio k liye kya problms hn.. ap hi is ko higlite kren aur hm sab ki duaen ap k sath hn ,,
Dr. Manzar Ali (Multan) Jan 17, 2013
Assalam o Alaikum Hamid Bhai, I am your fan and have a lot of respect for you. i am a neutral citizen having a suggestion for you to arrange a programme on "ELECTORAL REFORMS" whats already written in our so called constitution, and what are the hurdles for their implementation and whose responsiblity to implement it. this should be only one agenda of this programme, discusse each point of our existing constitutional electoral points and get opinion from yuor guests and public also whether these r being implemented or not, if not then why and how?if not implementable then why still existing in our constitution?plz call me in this programme as a neutral guest... I have a lot of suggestions to implement already written in the constitution. I am a consultant general and laparoscopic surgeon.
Ali Dost (sui dera bugti) Dec 26, 2012
AOA dear Hamid Mir umeed hay aap kharit se hoangay sir mere name Ali dost hay sir main Dera Bugti balochistan ka rehne wala hoan aur sir shahbaz Air Base ma mulazim hoon. Sir, mara sath ik masla pesh aya hai mara 2 brother in law 4 november 2012 sa agwa hain. Sir, maia in ka silsala ma ap ki help chahta hoon mehrbani farma kar apna keemti wakat ma sa mujh nacheez ka lya thora sa time nikal kar mujha izat afzai bakshain. Sir pls yahan comments main reply karain
M Hanif (Shikarpur

on line abortion pill

Dec 07, 2012
Asslam o Alaikum.. Dear Mir umeed he k ap khush w khuram honge, ham apke k lye duaago hn aur rahenge. Ham ap per hoe life attempt per shadeed lafzon men muzammat kerte hn. Sir ham jo taqreeban 1200 mulazim jin ka taluq sindh agriculture deptt: se he, afsos k sath ye kehna per raha he k sindh govt ne 8 sal se regular na kerke sirf 1200 mulazmin k sath nhn balqe 1200 khandanon k sath khilwar kya he, saen ab ham ek band gali men aagae hen.ap bataen ham kahan jaen kis se kahen,! q k hamari age ab kahen dosri job ya rozgar kerne se berh gae he aur govt: hamen nikalne ki baten ker rahi he, saen ager ap pakistan k 1200 khandanon ko faqae se bacha sakte hn to plz plz is issue per ek program karen aur program k tawasut se govt: of sindh/pakistan ko cotractual mulazmin k lye koe qanoon sazi banane k lye kahen. Ham apke nihayat shukar guzar rahenge. M Hanif
Tahir Rizvi (talagang) Dec 02, 2012
slam pliz apna ya apny kise repotar ka no dy din ap ko aik ahm masly ki turf tawajo dilani hai
irfan ali (karachi) Nov 28, 2012
sir Allah aapko mehfooz rakhe khuda unko nisto nabodt kare jis ni koshish ki Allah aaplo aapke bacho k sath salamet rakhe sir meri zandagi jannah k doctoro ne kharab ker di meri kamar ka galt operation krk mujhe tabah kr dia sir plz meri maded kare mene aamir liaqat sb ko khat likha per khuchh na hua aap c umeed he........?
irfan ali (karachi) Nov 21, 2012
dear si ny name is irfan ali (half body is peralized) doctor of jinaah hospital made my operation wrongly then i am is peralized urine uncontro able eye side is week and i loss 20 kg my weight sir iam big fan of ur honesty can u help me? Reply me here in comments section sir i want to be a writer i have two stories 1-(capman vs jeooyman) 2- (terrorist mamoo) sir khuda aapko salamet rakhe ameen
saeed ahmed (Karachi) Oct 24, 2012
A Constitutional amendment is coming soon , “ that the Highest Military Medal Nishan e Haider may be awarded to any civilian.” And first Highest Military Medal Nishan e Haider will be awarded to MALALA .
Rao Muhammad Arham (Sahiwal) Oct 18, 2012
Aoa Dear sir ma FA ka student ho ma sahiwal ma rehata ho Sahiwal ma business plus k bearu chief Dilawar sultan dhakku na mjha sahiwal ma business ka crime reporter mukarar kia mjha business plus ka card jarry kia ha or mjh sa 15000 thousand wasool kia hain or ab mjha maloom hwa ha k us na mjha jelly card jarry kia ha or mjha registerd ni krwaya or channal k nam pa mjha sa or b kafi raqam wasool krta rha meri ap sa guzarish ha k mjha business plus channal ka numinday sa insaf dilwaya jay or dillawar sultan dhakku ka khalaf munasib karwai ki jay ma ap ka shukar guzar how ga RAO MUHAMMAD ARHAM PH.03008922385 CNIC
Saeed Ahmed Mangrio (Islamabad) Aug 18, 2012
Dear Mr Hmid Meer aoa. Umaid h k aap khush mizaj hongy.Dear Sir main kuch apna ek idea diana chata hon so please as a student aur as a pakistani,ap senior h aur es mulk es qoume k hr pihlo ko janty hongy bs fr be main kuch khyna chata hon vo h chand dykhna aur eid mana,ap mujhy agr gustakh na smjhain,Dear Sir hmara Islamic republic of pakistan jo h y Ulama e ikram ,Mufti Hzarat,k rahm krm sy chal rha h or hmari jo Govt h?? us k rahm kram sy chal rha h ,y jo her dfa Rohit Hilal comity banai gai h ek din chand ko dhondti h aur fr faisla dyti h aur es faisly ko mukhtalif places or difrnt areas of pakistan k Ulma aur Mufti Hazrat nhe manty aur vo apna faisila dy ty hain aur apna hukum chalaty hain fr ek din jo musul mano ka h khushi manany ka din hota h vo ek alg sa bn jata h mtlb k pori nation main her ek k rishtadar bsty hain to fr y alg un ko y msla bnta h. Dear Sir please please main yhan p y khyna munasib smjhta hon k choty moty msaly be ek govt k uder hony chai en ulamai ikram ny aur Mufti Hzrat ny bhut Islam ko nuqsan puhnchaya bhut es muluk main en hon Mzahb k naam p firqa wreat nizam ko philaya h ,please y eid ka chand dykhna aur eid ka faisila krna y Govt k pas faisila hona chai aur jo govt faisila kry vo din Pory mulik main hona chai y kam Minstry of Enviroment k pas hona chai or jo bhitr es kam sar anjam dy ,Dear sir wrna hm mazhab k naam sy aur khen door chaly jaingy Hmara Islam hmain y ni khyta h ap dandy k zor p eid be manao aur roza bi rkho ,batain to bhut hain aur tajzia aur idea daina mainy y ek hq smjha as a Pakistan aur Muslim k hm jo bi hain ek hojain hmary faisily ek hon ,aur hmary eidain ek manai jaaen, Best Regars Saeed Ahmed Mangrio
muhammad imran (haripur) May 03, 2012
hope to be fine and good health by the all mighty Allah sir PTI walo sy ak question yah karay ky change ka nahra lagany walo ko sab sy phaly apny andar change lay kar ana cheaye. charay tabdell kar ky change ka nahra laganay waly pakistsni qom ko pudu na lagaye 2ri parti sy naklly log PTI sy election mein hasa lay gay to yah kasa change thanks
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