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Mobile operators demand tax relaxation     Guterres lauds Pakistan's role at UN     Pakistan Nursing Council withdraws veil ban     Delta apologizes for 'booting' passenger off flight     India launching 'South Asian satellite', Pakistan says no thanks     US lawmakers, Sikhs hail FIBA decision to lift ban on headgear     Trump's religious freedom order may give opponents an unintended boost     Trump's visit to enhance cooperation in fighting extremism: Saudi Arabia     Student arrested for crawling into duct to steal an exam in Kentucky     Afghan forces' cross-border shelling leaves 1 dead, 18 injured: ISPR     
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 Ebola Fight: Survivors' Blood Doesn’t Help, But Malaria Drug Might [Yahoo News]  07 Jan, 2016
 Africa takes fresh look at GMO crops as drought blights continent [Yahoo News]  07 Jan, 2016
 Health Issue Brewing? 'Kefir Beer' May Someday Help [Yahoo News]  06 Jan, 2016
 2,700-Year-Old Farmhouse Unearthed in Israel [Yahoo News]  06 Jan, 2016
 Obama's Tears: The Science of Men Crying [Yahoo News]  06 Jan, 2016
 Aerojet wins U.S. contract to set standard for 3-D printed rocket engines [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 Micro Porcupines to Snow Leopards: WCS's Favorite Wildlife Photos of 2015 [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 Top 5 Space Questions of 2015…with Answers! (Op-Ed) [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 Will Concussions Keep Kids from Football? (Op-Ed) [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 Can Games Be a Game-Changer for Climate? (Op-Ed) [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 New Oregon Law Allows Pharmacists to Prescribe Birth Control Pills [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 Strong Social Connections Linked to Better Health [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 New Stick-On Device Could Monitor Heart Problems [Yahoo News]  05 Jan, 2016
 Unusual Case of Brain Disease Found in Former College Football Player [Yahoo News]  04 Jan, 2016
 Local Geology Makes Sunday's Earthquake in India Complex [Yahoo News]  04 Jan, 2016
 What 2016 Holds for the Mysterious World of Physics [Yahoo News]  04 Jan, 2016
 Frutarom invests in algae startup for food, cosmetic products [Yahoo News]  04 Jan, 2016
 Direct Imaging: The Next Big Step in the Hunt for Exoplanets [Yahoo News]  04 Jan, 2016
 Time Warps and Black Holes: The Past, Present & Future of Space-Time [Yahoo News]  01 Jan, 2016
 Suspect Science: The Top 5 Retracted Papers of 2015 [Yahoo News]  31 Dec, 2015
 Want to Lose Weight? Fewer Americans Say Yes [Yahoo News]  31 Dec, 2015
 Disney's New Robot Scales Walls…Like Spidey [Yahoo News]  31 Dec, 2015
 5 Facts to Know About the California Methane Leak [Yahoo News]  31 Dec, 2015
 James Bond Villain Gets 'A' for Evil, But 'F' for Brain Surgery [Yahoo News]  31 Dec, 2015
 Everybody Freeze! The Science of the Polar Bear Club [Yahoo News]  31 Dec, 2015
 Space Fuel: Plutonium-238 Created After 30-Year Wait [Yahoo News]  30 Dec, 2015
 Giant Comets Periodically Smash Earth, Scientists Say [Yahoo News]  30 Dec, 2015
 Baghdad Blasts: Earthquake Detectors Map Sounds of War [Yahoo News]  30 Dec, 2015
 Tasmanian Devils' Mysterious Cancer May Come in Two Varieties [Yahoo News]  30 Dec, 2015
 Volcanoes Sparked an Explosion in Human Intelligence, Researcher Argues [Yahoo News]  30 Dec, 2015
 Camera trap system could help fight against poaching [Yahoo News]  30 Dec, 2015
 India test-fires long range surface-to-air missile developed with Israel [Yahoo News]  30 Dec, 2015
 3D printing process brings art to blind people [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 Google Glass Redux: High-Tech Wearable Gets Ready for Business [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 Forget the Flashlight: New Ninja Shark Species Lights up the Sea [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 Trail from Ship Exhaust Leaves 'A' in the Sky [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 Smart wheelchair moves by pacifier sucks [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 Russia to rewrite space program as economic crisis bites [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 HyQ2Max: the robot you can't keep down [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 Smart wheelchair moves by dummy sucks [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 From Blood Rain to Green Poo: 10 Weirdest Science Stories of 2015 [Yahoo News]  29 Dec, 2015
 The 10 Strangest Animal Discoveries of 2015 [Yahoo News]  28 Dec, 2015
 Pocket-Size Device Turns Smartphone into a High-Powered Microscope [Yahoo News]  28 Dec, 2015
 Venomous Sea Snake Washes Up on California Beach, Surprising Scientists [Yahoo News]  28 Dec, 2015
 'Writable' Circuits Could Let Scientists Draw Electronics into Existence [Yahoo News]  28 Dec, 2015
 12 Flavors of Rainbows Identified [Yahoo News]  28 Dec, 2015
 Huh? Could Cleaner Air Be Worsening Global Warming? [Yahoo News]  28 Dec, 2015
 US Twin Birthrate Hits All-Time High [Yahoo News]  24 Dec, 2015
 Stem Cells May Save Northern White Rhinos [Yahoo News]  24 Dec, 2015
 Curbing Premature Birth May Hinge on a Single Molecule [Yahoo News]  23 Dec, 2015
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